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RotoVigil is a multi-rotor over the hill, around the corner, Low Altitude UAV for use in Urban Environment for Monitoring & Search Missions, Wild Life Tracking, Pest Control, Narcotics Monitoring, Natural Disaster, Media & Sports and Crop Monitoring.

It can operate day and night. It has a low visual and acoustic signatures, with Color/IR camera on Gyro stabilized gimbal. RotoVigil can be controlled with portable Multi-screen Ground Communication Station with Vertical Take-off and Landing.



  • Surveillance in Urban Environment
  • Monitoring & Search Missions
  • Day and Night flight operations
  • Low visual and acoustic signatures
  • Color/IR camera  on Gyro stabilized gimbal
  • Portable Multi-screen Ground Control Station
  • Vertical Take-off and Landing




800 mm

Gyro Stabilized Gimbal with Video/IR Camera


320 mm

Light Weight Composite Structure


15 ~ 20 min

Rapid assembly & disassembly

Operational Range

1 ~2  km Live Video

2-blade propeller

Max. Take-off Weight

6 ~ 8 kg         13 ~ 18 lbs

Multi Rotor Design

Max. Payload Weight

2.5 kg             5.5 lbs

BLDC Motor