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Condor is a medium range unmanned aerial vehicle for civil applications in remote areas. The airframe is designed using latest design/simulation software. Non-metallic composite materials have been used for the fabrication of the air frame for high strength to weight ratio.

This is a state of the art, short range UAV to be employed for real time Environmental Monitoring, Coastal & Ocean Observations, Wild Life Tracking & Monitoring, Forestry & Agriculture, Inspection & Monitoring, and Aerial Survey.

Optimus is a Close Range UAV is used for monitoring as well as search missions. The endurance of Close Range UAV is about 8 to 10 hours of flight within a radius of 50 km with both day and night flying capabilities, providing live video coverage.

RotoVigil is a multi-rotor over the hill, around the corner, Low Altitude UAV for use in Urban Environment for Monitoring & Search Missions, Wild Life Tracking, Pest Control, Narcotics Monitoring, Natural Disaster, Media & Sports and Crop Monitoring.

Vision 360° is a gyro stabilized optical payload specially designed to cater for different platforms. Vision360° gimbal can be customized based on user’s requirements.

CIVIEW is PC based control and navigation software for Civi-UAVs. The software is written in C++. It is specially designed to provide the UAV ground pilot with live data.